Rendering effects

Rendering effects

Very often in movies and advertising using special methods impact on the viewer, which require the use of special effects. DSE – technological method to render a scene which can not be removed without the use of additional funds. This happens, for example, when it is necessary to endow inanimate objects characteristics of living objects, create the illusion of self-motion, as was done in the "Transformers" or create the illusion of reality invented objects as the main character in the movie "Spider-Man" or dinosaurs in" Jurassic Park."

Special effects can be divided into two main groups - mechanical (physical ) and visual .
mechanical effects include the use of pyrotechnics , special makeup for actors , different technical devices . That is, these effects are created before the actual recording materials.
Visual –combined shooting (optical effects ) or computer graphics, which recently has the greatest relevance, because it allows to create fantastic objects and avoid high material costs.
Visual effects are created in 3D- graphics packages , the final rendering that occurs in the rendering process.

Work by creative studio Chinggis

To create high-quality special effects, which appear to be real, you need hard work of animators and the availability of sufficiently powerful render farm. Our render farm allows to quickly calculate your 3d- scene, and thus greatly facilitate the work of designers and animators.

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