How to start

For users 3Ds Max (V-Ray, Corona renderer, Mental ray, Scanline), we have developed an online service, you can now render your projects in automatic mode at any time without technical support.
Scenes created in other 3D-packages is still possible to render on render-farm MegaRender through technical support. Details...

Stages of the online service:
1.Calculate the cost of rendering in our Megacalculator.

2. Sign in by following the link.
3. Select the tariff:

Economy, Business, Premium - can be selected in the user’s interface of the online service.
Light - available upon agreement with the manager of the farm by using Skype: megarender. For more details about the price can be found here.

Important: when rendering a static image, does not make sense to put the most expensive and the fastest tariff. In that case, you must choose a distributed rendering, check the settings, then the scene will be rendered on 10 CPUssimultaneouslythat will save your time. The cost will be increased by 30%.

4. Refill the balance by any convenient way on tab "FillUpMoney"

5. Pack your scene with the help of our plug-in, acting the instructions.

6. Load the scene. All settings of scene are considered to be automatic. If you want to change any settings, you can do it in our interface, which is fully consistent with 3dsMax settings.

7. Then follow the status of the task:

- means your job in the queue

Started - preparing for launch

Running- the rendering process is going

When status is“Running”, if the image has already been formed, click the “Detail” and you can see a preview and the approximate time of the end of the rendering.

Finished- rendering process is finished

Probably you also can see this status: “Holded by admin” - for some reason your task was stopped by administrator of render farm. In such case you need to write to the support. Generally, it means that the scene has an error

Holded by billing- system stopped due to the lack of funds. You need to fill up your balance to continue the work.

7. After the successful download and start of rendering process, you can see a preview of the rendering picture

8. When the rendering process is finished, download the scene by clicking on the "Download" button next to the task