Online service MegaRender

Online service MegaRender

  1. To access the online service of our render farm you have to register. You need to specify only your name and e-mail.

  2. The personal account page, you can activate the bonus bonus of 15 euros. confirming your cell phone. This is a necessary measure to prevent multiple registrations. We guarantee that your cell phone number and your email address will not be used to send spam.

  3. Received bonuses you can use to render your scenes in order to understand how it works and how much our service.

  4. At the moment the online service supports the scene made in 3ds Studio Max. Please note that in the scenes made with V-Ray version 3.00.03 below may not work properly light made using IES-lamps, so we recommend to first make a test render at a lower resolution and lower quality.

  5. Rendering is possible only with positive balance by exhaustion and balance all the tasks will be automatically stopped. Recharge is carried out from the personal account of the user. You can replenish the balance with credit card or e-wallet. Read more about the conditions of payment and refund.

  6. Regarding the installation of additional plug-ins - please contact us by phone or Skype, we will try to help you.