Useful concepts

The article contains the concept of rendering (rendering), rendering (render), etc.

Basics of rendering

For many people the word "rendering" is strongly associated with others, "wait". For a small number of people as the word "rendering" refers to a complex mathematical operations with a wide range of possible outcomes.

What is a render farm

Render farm (render farm) - an array of powerful servers , "sharpened" under rendering. With their help, you can increase the speed of rendering several thousand times!

Video rendering

Render video - this rendering process , which is obtained as a result of a series of rendered images , which are then converted into the video , with special programs.

Rendering effects

Very often in movies and advertising using special methods impact on the viewer , which require the use of special effects.

History of the stereo movie

Back in 280 BC. e . Euclid first discovered that the perception of spatial depth is achieved precisely because each eye sees a slightly different images of the same object...


Texture – is a bitmap (many color points), they give the 3d- models of color, detail and other tangible properties of the surface.