Anima 4 from AXYZ Design

Anima 4 from AXYZ Design

Anima 4 from AXYZ Design is one of the most powerful programs for creating and populating the scenes with people as individuals or in groups and even crowds. The software is created to be used in combination with existing 3D-modeling software (like 3ds Max or Maya), allowing you to see any changes in real time.

Anime provides tools to create and customize the characters, assign animations and pathways to them, and then export the calculated information for rendering. But the main strength of the program is a big library of presets: models of people and the rig animations which are included in the main release.

Anima user can choose from dozens of existing “actors” the ones suitable for their scene, pick the colors of clothes, hair and skin, and organically place them in the environment. A huge library of animations for actors makes it easy to fill the space with people who are sitting, walking, waiting or even interacting with each other. When simulating the crowds, Anima provides tools for setting the directions of walking, avoiding certain areas, reacting to the color of traffic lights and many more.

Anima 4’s release marked an introduction of a new type of actors – 4D Digital Humans. This groundbreaking combination of 3D-scanning, motion capture and 3D-modeling, that allows the use of human models, indistinguishable from real people. Anima developers made everything to reduce the file size required to sustain such realism from several Gigabytes to just over a hundred Megabytes without loosing the quality of textures and animations.

When starting working with Anima, you can at first set up the basic geometry for simulation right in 3ds Max, Maya or Cinema 4D by assigning surfaces, obstacles and collision objects. This information is then imported into Anima in a single click of a mouse thanks to the special plugin, while the work on the scene itself can be continued. Based on the received data, Anima simulates the animations using existing or imported actors. With Anima alive you can synchronize the project with the scene file and track the geometry changes or camera movements, and adjust actors’ behavior accordingly in real time. Finished animations are then baked and exported for final rendering in V-Ray, Corona, Arnold, etc. Find out more on the official website -

Animation render, especially photo-realistic one, is a task not every computer can handle. By using our render farm “Megarender” you’ll be able to render clips of any difficulty. We support using Anima in your projects. IMPORTANT NOTICE, it is MANDATORY to use our plugin when exporting your scenes from 3ds Max! The plugin is available for download via the link.

MR: We take care of the routine, letting you create!