What is a render farm

What is a render farm

What is a render farm

Many of us have repeatedly amazed beautiful scenery in computer games and 3D-animated films, special effects in film and creative solutions in advertising. All of them are created using modern technology such as rendering.

Rendering - the process of creating a flat image (picture) on the developed 3D-models. Or, more simply, getting a photographic image by rendering lighting ( ie creating shadows, reflections and refractions of light, glare overlay) objects, which gives them more realistic.

Rendering process - not an easy task. On the rendering of special effects for the film "Avatar" took about 40 million computer hours. That is, if one used a powerful PC, it would cope with this operation is not less than 4500 years. Today to accelerate the process of calculating a so-called render farm (render farm).

Render farm - an array of powerful servers, "sharpened" under rendering. With their help, you can increase the speed of rendering several thousand times !

To be useful

The main customers of the render farm are design studios, who need to get naturalistic image of the object under construction. While building exists only in the form of drawing, and in its place is a pit, where construction work is just beginning, the client can already imagine a future situation with the help of photo-realistic sketches. Designer can easily enter the building under construction in the surrounding landscape, draw the people, machines that move along the street next to him, and set certain weather conditions.

In addition, the rendering process is indispensable for creating a virtual tour of the future or existing building. While at home, in your own computer, you can easily walk around, for example, the shopping center located on the other side of town.

Also fast and high-quality rendering is important for companies involved in the creation of videos. Colorful presentation or memorable commercials, living three-dimensional image for outdoor advertising or brochures - any of these products can be made using the technology of fast rendering.


The cost of hire render farm is low enough, while farm output allows you to calculate not only single files, but also a long video clips.

Moreover, rental render farm to reduce the production costs of establishing and maintaining orderly own render farm. Because in order to build your own render farm is required to rent a room, purchase a large quantity of server hardware, provide cooling, and constantly keep it in working order. When unstable load render farm is obvious that its purchase and the content will be unprofitable. While rentals render farm always possible to get rid of unnecessary costs during the recession orders.

Render farm - ideal for small studios, and users who want to quickly create a large number of three-dimensional images or video.


Render farm can operate in two modes - online and offline.

Online render farm is working around the clock and allows independent of the operator (owner) farm load scenes, and trace rendering. All processes in the online render farm automated. However, this farm does not allow to predict the completion time rendering. For example, one scene can stand in line for several hours or days, as before your task will be very difficult project.

Offline render farm (in this mode the majority of Russian render farm) - the rendering process is started manually fermy.Takim manager directly, you can always tell how much time is left before handling your project, and even the existing loading of the farm, you can get priority setting project rendering, to the point to start the process immediately after you submit scenes operator, which is very important, if your order is ready to be delivered within a specific deadline by which left very little time. Moreover, it should be noted that such services farm often less expensive than trusses operating mode online.


To date, the domestic and foreign markets for more than 40 proposals for lease render farm.
Each farm is different according to parameters such as power, price, mode of operation, reliability and, of course, quality.

Our farm

We offer you to get a quick render any image based on its own render farm - an array of servers, which greatly increases the speed of calculation, thus reducing waiting time finished result.