Bonuses and discounts

Bonuses and discounts

1. After registering for the first time and confirming your phone number you will receive a starting 15 euro bonus. Register now.

2. Activity bonuses (by prior agreement):

  • - posting finished works, rendered through our render farm with a link to our website on your website, social media account, etc. - 2 euro;
  • - invite a friend and gift them 300 min. (≈ 4 euro) and then receive 10% (!) each time they replenish their balance, but no more than 145 euro per person.

You can monitor your bonuses in the History tab of your account page

3. Discount up to 60%

The discount is applied automatically in our Megacalculator for each project assessed. The more you render, the higher the discount is. There are no overpayments. Only the bonuses for your project.