Frequently Asked Question(s)

Frequently Asked Question(s)

  • 1. What is the minimum order price?

    The minimum price of rendering a single camera in the scene is $5.
  • 2. My scene requires using of V-Ray Light cashe and irradiance map. Do I need to send them too?

    Yes. Our plugin automatically identifies these files and include them in the rendering process.
  • 3. Does your render farm support gpu-render?

    No. Our render farm supports cpu-render.
  • 4. Are all plug-ins in scenes supported? What should I do if settings of 3D max (gamma, etc.) are different from settings on the render farm?

    The opportunity of additional plug-ins need to coordinate separately(you can send a request to our e-mail). Settings of 3D max(gamma and etc.) will be unloaded by the plugin. The plugin was created for automatically collection all of settings.
  • 5. How much exactly your online calculator makes calculation of price and time of render?

    Our calculator accuracy depends on the accuracy of the data that you provide for the calculation. If you are not able to estimate the average time of rendering a single frame, we can accurately assess the value after prerender each 10th frame. In case of static rendering - the estimation accuracy of the value and time is rather low. That`s why we recommended you not to put off the delivery of project till deadline and have some reserve of money and time.
  • 6. Is there a guarantee that my scenes and ideas will not be captured by third person

    We are taking all measures of technical protection against unauthorized access to files transmitted to us . Safety is guaranteed by the copyright agreement that we conclude before work. Furthermore, our company is focused on a long-term cooperation with all customers, so the priority for us is to maintain a good relationship with the customer.