How to sign up?

To sign up to our online service click the "Login to service" on the main page, or use this link.

How to calculate the cost?

We created a special Megacalculator to help you figure out the approximate cost of rendering your project.

How to choose a rate?

You can manually choose Light, Econom, Business or Premium rate in the online-service interface. To learn more about our rates, follow the link.


Light - perfect for setting up single tasts (using one camera)
Econom - you can render 3 tasks simultaneously
Business - you can render 5 tasks simultaneously
Premium -  you can render 6 tasks simultaneously
How to replenish my balance?

To replenish your balance go to Replenish balance tab.

How to get my welcome bonuses?

When you sign up in our system for the first time, you can use the welcome bonuses of 1000 minutes.

To do so confirm your phone number on your account page. Bonuses are provided for you to test our services.

How to prepare the scene for render-farm?

Pack your scene using our Megaplugin, following the instructions.

If you are using XRefs, merge them before packing your scene. To do so open the XRef Scene tab, pick the necessary objects and press Merge button.

After that upload your scene to our online-service. First you have to press the yellow Add Scene button at the Project manager tab.

After clicking it you will go to the Upload Scene tab. You will find a link to our Megaplugin there. If you've already uploaded a scene but didn't check it yet, choose it here and press "Next". If you are interested in additional ways to upload a scene, click the "Details" link at the bottom of the page.

How change my rendering properties?

After uploading our service will read the scene properties automatically. If you want to change any settings, do it right in the service's interface, which matches 3ds MAX settings.

IMPORTANT: it makes no sense to choose the most expensive and fast rate when rendering a single static image. For this choose "Distributed rendering" option by checking it in scene properties. This way your scene will be rendered 10 times faster using 10 CPUs.

Be aware, that 1 minute of distributed rendering costs 10 minutes of your balance. Additional expenses will increase the total cost another 20-30%.

Be careful with denoising. Many render engines (including Corona renderer and V-Ray) use a single processor during denoising, and during distributed rendering the rest 9 CPUs will be in stand by, but you will be still charged for renting them.

If you want to avoid this and save up on denoising follow the instructions here.

You can now track your project's status:

  • QUEUED - your project is in the queue
  • STARTED - your project is being prepared to run

  • RUNNING - rendering is in full process

When your scene is running, you can click "Detail" link to see a preview and an approximate time of render finish.

  • FINISHED - rendering is finished

  • HOLDED BY ADMIN - your project was paused by render-farm administrator.

Check the "Why?" link, where the administrator would've written the reason for this pause.
To make sure the issue is resolved fast, feel free to contact our tech support from your account if you don't see the reason. Usually, it means your scene was exported with errors.

  • HOLDED BY BILLING - your balance reached zero and our system stopped your projects.

After a succesful upload and start of your scene, you can monitor the process of rendering in the preview.
How to download the results?

After your scene is done rendering you can download it by clicking the Download files link next to your task.

Attention! If you have more than 50 frames or their weight is more than 200 MBytes, it'll be better to download them using FileZilla.

Host: online.megarender.com
User name: your account name
Password: your account password
Port: 21

You can download FileZilla here.
You can find more information about it here.

REMEMBER: All the uploaded files will be stored on our render-farm for 30 days. You can prolongue this time by contacting our tech support.