V-Ray introduced shourily outgoing year

V-Ray introduced shourily outgoing year

Company Chaos Group posted a net shourily works in 2013, which used a flagship product - V-Ray.
Shourily in film, game development, architecture, advertising, automotive industry, the animation is presented not only to show the possibility of using the renderer V-Ray, but to demonstrate professionalism CG-artists working in such famous studios as Atomic Fiction, Iloura , Important Looking Pirates, Look Effects, Mr. X Inc, Pixomondo, Screen Scene, etc.

 V-Ray Showreel 2013 — Feature Films

V-Ray Showreel 2013 — VFX & Game Cinematics

V-Ray Showreel 2013 — Architecture

V-Ray Showreel 2013 — Advertising

V-Ray Showreel 2013 — Automotive

V-Ray Showreel 2013 — Animation

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