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Our mission is to provide accessible and reliable rendering service for freelancers, small studios and big companies.

Our history

We created Megarender in 2014 to provide accessible and reliable rendering services for freelancers, small studios and big companies. Back then, the only available option was to render with your own computer or rent a server and install the software there. We felt the need for modern solutions from 3D professionals.

We started with the manual service and tried to automate and simplify it for the end user. With that, our clients can expect best prices and be sure their projects will be finished on time and with excellent results. We launched the first version of our online service in 2016.

In the last 6 years we’ve improved our service even further, and can now offer it to anyone, from freelancers to large architecture, animation, and VFX studios, and others all over the world – from Indonesia to South Africa to the USA.


  • year


    We launched Megarender in 2014. The years have passed swiftly, and we are not planning on stopping any time soon

  • clients


    We’ve worked with over 12,000 clients – from freelancers to small and large studios

  • countries


    Our clients live in 18 countries across the globe, and this number is constantly increasing

  • images


    Since launch we’ve rendered over 2 million images

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