About Us

“Megarender” started it history back from 2008, when 8th of December, graduates of South Ural government state, facility of Mechanics and Mathematics, have founded “Ural-Grid” and won the competition of “Start” from Foundation for Assistance to the Development of Small Enterprises in the Scientific and Technical Sphere. Together with Department of System Programming at SUSU and the Laboratory for Supercomputer Modeling the company was engaged in innovative developments in the sphere of high-performance computing and engineering calculations on the Skiff-Ural supercomputer and after Skiff-Aurora (supercomputer “Skiff-Aurora SUSU” took 87th place in 37th edition of TOP500 rating on June 2011)

In 2010, having technical and economical premise, company's executives have decided to make accelerated rendering. In same year company “Ural-Grid” received grant from Administration of Chelyabinsk region on developing rendering service

In september 2011 rendering service was formed into independent company «Megarender”.

During next 3 years company performed services of accelerated rendering, at the same time automating process and creating functional service, so that customers could manually launch their render in any time without help of managers.

In February of 2015 was launched service online.megarender.com
Also the farm's capacity has also been significantly increased up to 15 242 GHz and the list of supported software has been extended

The company currently specializes only on rendering and using such render software as 3D Max, V-Ray, Maya, CINEMA 4D, Blender, Modo, Vue, Corona renderer, Mental ray, Maxwell, Arnold render and etc.

Company have in total 400 servers and it's clients are more than 8000 company and freelancers all other the world, which specialize on such spheres of 3D graphics like:

- Architectural visualization

- Interior design

- advertisement

- presentation films

- cinema special effects

- video game clips