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Not every 3DS MAX user has a powerful PC that will easily render their projects. Upgrading hardware is costly and often turns into a chase after the newest developments, as CPU power keeps on growing each year. It is much cheaper and more convenient to use a 3DS MAX render farm instead. But how exactly does it work?

The basics

A render farm usually consists of several processors linked together to work on the same computing task. Special software synchronizes them to operate as a single very powerful computer. Powerful CPUs produce a lot of heat and so are usually located in data centers, where low temperature is maintained via specialized cooling and ventilation systems. Such farms are used for complex scientific calculations, video production, and most commonly in 3D rendering. Major animation and VFX studios always have their own farms; all the special effects in popular movies are rendered this way. However there are render farms that offer their computers for other tasks like rendering 3DS MAX projects for architectural visualization or advertisement. 

Cloud rendering allows a user to upload their project to a render farm through an accessible interface so one doesn’t have to physically connect to the farm computers at their location. The webpage shows all your uploaded files, lets you check the settings of your scenes, launch tasks remotely, and download the results.

What we offer

At Megarender we use Threadrippers 3990X, some of the most powerful processors existing today. They are approximately 10 times more powerful than an average modern CPU. For projects done in Corona Renderer and 3DS MAX our render farm can provide 256 GB of RAM, which is crucial for exterior scenes and in animation.

Use our plugin to properly pack your scene. It collects all the assets (like textures and sequences) and archives them together with the .max file. Using the plugin also guarantees that your project will open and run correctly on our side. Uploading big scenes (containing tens of millions of polygons, hi-res textures or cache files for physics simulations) may take a very long time and should be done through an ftp-client. Contact our support team for more information about how it can be done.

An important part of rendering the projects online is software compatibility. Megarender supports 3DS MAX 2022 and all the earlier releases and the latest versions of V-Ray, Corona Renderer and Mental Ray. We also make sure the scenes made with popular plugins will render correctly on the farm. Such plugins include Anima, Forest Pack, RailClone, PhoenixFD and tyFlow; the full list is available at our Supported Software page.

How to start rendering online

So you’ve created your project in 3DS MAX and network rendering is something you want to try. Here are six easy steps to render it with our online service:

  1. Sign Up by clicking a button in the top right corner of our website
  2. Confirm your phone number in the ‘Bonuses’ tab and receive $30 worth of Mega Credits for free.
  3. Download our plugin and use it to archive your scene.
  4. Upload the scene in the Project Manager.
  5. Check if all your render settings have been imported correctly, set up pass limits and the name and format of the final image.
  6. Launch the task! 

While the rendering is in progress, you will be able to see the preview and an approximation of the time it will take to finish. You will only be charged after the image is finished, then you can download the result in the Project Manager. Feel free to reach out - our support team is available 24/7 and ready to answer any questions and lead you through all the steps of using our 3DS MAX render farm. 

  • Plugins

    • laubwerk plants kit
    • AXYZ Anima 4
    • tyFlow
    • Phoenix FD
    • CityTraffic
    • RailClone
    • FloorGenerator
    • MadCar
    • MultiScatter
    • Forest Pack
  • Supported 3ds MAX versions

    • 3ds MAX 2022
    • 3ds MAX 2021
    • 3ds MAX 2020
    • 3ds MAX 2019
    • 3ds MAX 2018
    • 3ds MAX 2017
    • 3ds MAX 2016
    • 3ds MAX 2009 +

Our customers love what we do

  • I used your render farm because my computer estimated a rendering time of 25 hours – this is just too much. It took only 57 minutes with your farm, I am delighted! I shared my experience at Ilya Izotov’s School, and some of my classmates have already tried your online service and liked it. Thank you!

    Kupava, Freelancer

  • Thank you for this easy-to-use, fast rendering platform. We’ve worked with Megarender before and have been satisfied with the results each time. You can launch your projects on your own, and their fast tech support will help you solve any questions, 24/7.


  • Thank you, you’ve definitely created the best render farm for our needs.

    Zámorev Architects

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