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Chaos V-Ray is one of the most popular render engines on the market. Famous for its versatility and available for almost all the main 3D modelling suites, it is used in architecture, film and animation production, game development, VFX, VR and AR, motion design, and much more. With enough knowledge, it is possible to tune a project to be rendered quickly even on an old computer, but there always comes a time when more processing power is needed. Megarender is a V-Ray render farm, and we are ready to help you finish your project, however big or small.

Bucket or Progressive?

There are certain settings to consider prior to sending your scene to the render farm. V-Ray NEXT introduced GPU rendering to projects done in 3DS MAX, Cinema4D and Maya. But it is still a new and unreliable technology with unexpected glitches and unpredictable calculation times. Therefore, at Megarender we only provide CPU rendering of V-Ray NEXT projects. Same goes for V-Ray 5. Threadrippers 3990X are the most powerful processors with a Cinebench R23 score of over 30,000 points, which makes them much faster and more reliable than any modern GPU.

Now it is important to understand the difference between Progressive and Bucket image samplers. The former starts building the full image at once and works similarly to Corona Renderer. This is convenient for when you are trying to see a fast preview and make sure your scene is set up properly. It can also be used for when you need to set a time limit for each frame of the scene.

Unfortunately, Progressive image sampler is not the best choice for cloud rendering. Generally, it takes longer to reach the required noise level than Bucket. It also often doesn’t load all the CPU cores to the maximum, which means you are overpaying for all the allocated processor power. The main problem comes with how it performs in distributed rendering, when several computers work on a single image. Much time will be spent on exchanging information between the computers and not calculating the image, but you still will be charged for all of the time they were in use. Finally, if one of the servers goes offline, it will be impossible to continue or recover the image.

Bucket image sampler existed in V-Ray from its first version, and works much faster. There are special mechanics that optimize the data exchange times between computers in distributed mode, and special algorithms redistribute the buckets between the remaining machines if one or more go offline. So, unless you are doing animation previews, use Bucket image sampler in V-Ray on the render farm.

The power of a cloud

Rendering V-Ray projects online is a good way of optimizing your workflow. The developers understand this too and have released Chaos Cloud, a specialized service for working with all kinds of projects created using V-Ray. 

Megarender can be a great alternative to that: 

  • You don’t need to install any additional software other than a small plugin

  • It is not required to stay online 

  • All the uploading and set up tasks are done through the web interface

  • After the project is launched, you can turn off your computer and download the results later

If you are ready to render your project created in V-Ray in the cloud, login and start your free render farm trial at any time: our servers and support team are available 24/7.

  • Supported V-Ray versions

    • V-Ray 3.2
    • V-Ray 3.4
    • V-Ray 3.6
    • V-Ray 4.1
    • V-Ray 4.3
    • V-Ray 5.1
    • V-Ray 6.0
    • V-Ray GPU
  • Plugins

    • Forest Pack
    • MultiScatter
    • MadCar
    • FloorGenerator
    • RailClone
    • VrayPattern
    • CityTraffic
    • Phoenix FD
    • tyFlow
    • AXYZ Anima 4

Our customers love what we do

  • I used your render farm because my computer estimated a rendering time of 25 hours – this is just too much. It took only 57 minutes with your farm, I am delighted! I shared my experience at Ilya Izotov’s School, and some of my classmates have already tried your online service and liked it. Thank you!

    Kupava, Freelancer

  • Thank you for this easy-to-use, fast rendering platform. We’ve worked with Megarender before and have been satisfied with the results each time. You can launch your projects on your own, and their fast tech support will help you solve any questions, 24/7.


  • Thank you, you’ve definitely created the best render farm for our needs.

    Zámorev Architects

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