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  • Approximate waiting time is less than 15 minutes

    We use a sophisticated task distribution algorithm that makes sure we have servers reserved to rapidly launch your project at any time.

  • Time-tested render interface

    Our settings wizard will help you avoid mistakes while launching your project. We’ve been improving this for the last 6 years, with a 3ds MAX specialization allowing you to work with the best interface.

  • Full test access

    Try our service for free. You’ll receive enough bonuses to render 1-2 interior images. Anything you rendered with these bonuses belongs to you, and we don’t put any watermarks or other stamps over your image.

  • Powerful servers

    As a basis of our server fleet we use AMD Threadripper 3990x – one of the most powerful rendering processors. This means you receive maximum processing power for each dollar spent.

  • Pricing suitable for any project

    You can choose between 4 render speeds to complete your project in the right time frame and at the best price.

  • Responsive tech support

    We can help you choose the proper settings, fix any problems that occur while launching your tasks, and make sure you meet your deadlines. You will experience the difference.

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Four simple steps to get result

  • 01

    Estimate the approximate cost of your project using our calculator

  • 02

    Archive and upload your scene to the online platform

  • 03

    Adjust the project settings

  • 04

    Deposit funds to your account, choose the render speed and launch your project


Distributed rendering

To render the scene faster and ensure optimal server load we use distributed rendering. From 40 to 80 CPU cores (depending on the CPU power) work together on each task. Each one may be rendering one frame of the animation, or working on a part of the bigger image.

Settings matching 3ds MAX

After uploading your scene, you will see all the imported settings and will be able to check them. The settings look the same as they do in 3ds Max. This ensures you get the rendering result you expect.

Real-time results

You can see the rendering results in real time to catch any mistakes in the settings or the scene. This means you can promptly stop the rendering, fix the issue and launch it again. This eliminates the negative consequences of having a small mistake in your scene setup.

  • Distributed rendering
  • Settings matching 3ds MAX
  • Real-time results

Supported software and plugins

We support 3ds MAX from 2009 to 2024,
6 render engines and 15 plugins.

  • Base soft

    • 3ds Max 2009-2024
    • Blender 2.83 - 4.0
    • + other base soft
  • Render Engines

    • Corona Renderer - 11, 10.1, 9.3, and older
    • V-Ray - 6.1, 5.1, 4.3 and V-Ray GPU
    • mentalRay - all versions
    • + other render engines
  • Plugins

    • Forest Pack
    • MultiScatter
    • MadCar
    • FloorGenerator
    • RailClone
    • VrayPattern
    • CityTraffic
    • MultiTexture 2
    • Phoenix FD
    • tyFlow
    • SigerTools
    • ColorCorrect
    • AXYZ Anima
    • laubwerk plants kit
    • + other smaller plugins
See the full list


  • I used your render farm because my computer estimated a rendering time of 25 hours – this is just too much. It took only 57 minutes with your farm, I am delighted! I shared my experience at Ilya Izotov’s School, and some of my classmates have already tried your online service and liked it. Thank you!

    Kupava, Freelancer

  • Thank you for this easy-to-use, fast rendering platform. We’ve worked with Megarender before and have been satisfied with the results each time. You can launch your projects on your own, and their fast tech support will help you solve any questions, 24/7.


  • Thank you, you’ve definitely created the best render farm for our needs.

    Zámorev Architects

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  •  Bogza Studios

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Our vigilant tech support team is always on duty to make sure everything works smoothly to solve any problems you may encounter.


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