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About render farm

Autodesk 3ds Max      Autodesk Maya    V-Ray

Render farm consists of 400 servers, each have RAM 24 GB RAM. Capacity of the entire render farm is 15252 GHz. It is also possible to optimize the cost of renting the render farm if you use fewer servers. More information about our rates you can meet on the page cost estimator.

You can run the rendering process in our farm in automatic mode using the online-service or manually through the manager (tech. Support).

Online mode allows the user to put the scene on rendering right after sign up.

The advantages of our online-service:

  • - The fastest loading of the scene in a few steps
  • - You can choose any camera for rendering
  • - You can change the settings without rebooting the renderer's scene
  • - low prices

For you to be able to enjoy the benefits of this service, we are able to activate each registered user 1,000 rubles (15 euro) on the account right after the phone number in your account under "Bonuses". The output when using the bonus balance obtained renderings without watermark, so the resulting images can even be used for commercial purposes.

Today, the online mode supports scene made in 3ds Max, V-Ray, Corona renderer, Mental ray. However, we are already developing to other popular package 3D-graphics and renderings were maintained online-service.

To address issues related to the installation of additional packages and plug-ins, or in the case of incorrect operation of the system, you can always contact those support (honeycomb. +7 922 231-91-55, skype: megarender). Moreover, the technical support not only works with 3ds Max, V-Ray, Corona renderer, Mental ray, but with Maya, CINEMA 4D, Blender, Modo, Vue, Maxwell, Arnold render and others.

The main advantage of working with the manager farm: you can always see how much time is required for processing of your project, and even if the existing loading our farm, you can get the priority setting in the rendering of the project, to the point to start the process immediately after sending the scenes operator ( which is to contact through Skype or cell phone), which is very important if your order is ready to be delivered within a specified period of time or have suffered a force majeure. This mode allows you to farm more accurately and predict time completion of rendering.

Opening times

Online mode works around the clock.

Maintenance works seven days a week from 8.00 to 22.00 in Moscow time.


Our company today specializes exclusively in the rendering, supports all the correct operating software versions and is suitable for the process from a professional point of view.


Visualizers are quite often ask us about the safety of their ideas, because ideas are expensive. When the projects are transferred to third parties, there is a risk of information leakage to competitors. Our company is engaged in designing interior and exterior design is not a film studio, is not engaged in the production of advertising. We only deal with rendering. Professionally. Therefore, your ideas will never be used in other projects.

For confidential access to the finished material we autamatically create an individual login and password on our FTP-server, which in contracts concluded before the work begins, we do not have the right to transfer your information to other companies. Also under the agreement, we do not have the right to transmit finished scenes, passed process of rendering.

Even in order to demonstrate the materials that we use as an example in our site, we have taken special permission.

You can always contact our experts to help sort out the ordering process, the complexity of the render settings and other issues related to the work render-farm.

Convenience of operation

You can choose any convenient communication channel:

for rapid response call us:

Cell +7 922 231-91-55

Also we are available:

skype: megarender


Payment is made by any convenient way, including the payment system: PayPal and Western Union 

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