Autodesk Cloud Rendering with Megarender

Today, cloud-based technologies are becoming more and more common. They offer file storage space, services to synchronize data between multiple computers, and even provide access to modern games. So it is no wonder you can use them to visualize 3D projects. Megarender provides Autodesk cloud rendering services to help you complete your visualization projects quickly and cheaply.

To start rendering your 3D projects in the cloud, prepare the scene on your PC, pack it with our plugin, and send it to the render farm through the Internet. We submit your project to our powerful computers, render it much faster than any workstation can, and send the final image or images back to you. While the rendering is happening, your PC is not loaded and you are free to use it in any way you want: continue working on a different project, post-process previously received images, or even take a break and watch a movie. All the work is happening in the cloud. 

The most popular Autodesk software programs are Maya and 3DS MAX. They can be used interchangeably and in tandem by industry professionals, and at Megarender we support both of them.

Maya rendering

Maya is a powerful tool for 3D modelling and animation; it is widely used across the film, game development, and motion design industries. Big chunks of your favourite CGI cartoon or the video game you enjoy most were probably done in Maya. Big studios spend days and weeks rendering their movies and cutscenes, but a small 30 second project takes a long time to produce too.

This is why online rendering is crucial when you create an animation sequence. You can finish the project created in Maya on our farm. Provide our support team with a basic description of your project: the version of software and rendering engine used, the amount of frames and resolution, and any deadlines or special requests. As we receive your file, we will test several frames through the length of the project and determine the approximate cost of rendering and how long it will take. The final images will be available on the ftp server; we will help you to set up a client to download your files without any data loss.

For a big scene we can provide more server power and offer special terms. If you are using other software made by Autodesk, our cloud rendering farm can be repurposed to render such projects.

3DS MAX rendering

3DS MAX is a powerhouse used in architectural and interior visualization, product design, advertisement, concept development, and many other industries. When Megarender was founded, our first rendered projects were created in 3DS MAX and we had to open them manually. Now you can render your file from Autodesk online without any human involvement. 

Sign Up to the online service and download our plugin. It will gather all the assets used in your scene and archive them in a single ZIP file. Upload the scene through the Project Manager and start creating tasks from it. You can have several cameras in one file and render each of them separately without a need to re-upload the scene. The online service will automatically define the software used and read all the settings from the file: number of frames, image resolution, limits, render elements, etc. The final images can be downloaded from the Project Manager or from the ftp server. 

Software support

You can always expect Megarender to support the latest stable version of 3DS MAX and Maya. Usually, a couple of months after launch, Autodesk releases a couple of patches that greatly improve usability and fix most of the bugs. We have to take this precaution to make sure your project will be rendered successfully and won’t crash because of an issue neither we, nor you can fix. This also leaves time for third party developers to update their plugins and for us to install them. This helps us provide the best service possible.

For big projects we are ready to install beta and newly released software by demand. It will take a couple of days to test, and we will be watching closely while the scenes are rendering. Autodesk cloud rendering at Megarender is easy and affordable. Reach out and let’s discuss your first project with us!

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