ATTENTION! You can render 3ds Max scenes via automatic online service 24/7. More details here.

For other 3D software you need to follow these steps:

Send request

Send a request to the manager

1) Contact us by phone, Skype or chat to discuss the terms and time of completing the project;
2) Send us a filled application for your project to . When using wire transfer make sure to include the company requisites;
3) In response to the letter, you will receive a login and password to access the FTP-server;
4) Prepare the scene and pack it into a single archive;
5) Transfer the scene to FTP-server by using a free FTP-client FileZilla ;

Checking test frames

Approving test frames

1) We make a test render (rendering in a lower resolution or every N-th frame of the animation) to make sure that all the textures were transferred and settings of scene are correct;
2) We send you the images and evaluate the amount of computing resources required;
3) We get your approvement of the image quality and preliminary cost of rendering;
* If changes have to be made to the scene, the price of each subsequent test render is included in the total cost of rendering and can not be less than the minimum cost of rendering;



1) After receiving 50% advance payment, we render the entire project;
2) We send you half of the resulting images;
3) Then we calculate the final price of rendering based on the used resources;
4) After receiving 100% payment we send the remaining images;

Payment methods :
  • Wire transfer between organizations with providing the originals of accounting documents by mail

  • Yandex Money

  • Web-money

  • PayPal

  • Qiwi

  • Western Union

final result


1) You can download rendered images from our FTP-server, with the bandwidth of 80MBit.
Pictures appear on our FTP server in real time right after rendering.
2) With 100% advanced payment, you have an opportunity to save time and download your images right after they finish rendering.
3) We can send the files to a free file hosting service.
4) We can also send images by e-mail.

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