Project Cost Calculator Updated, Now Includes GPU

We are excited to present our updated project cost calculator. We made sure it would be even easier to plan the budget for your future project, no matter which rendering engine you use, CPU or GPU.

The project cost calculator is the most reliable way to estimate how long rendering at Megarender would take and how much it would cost. To do so, we take the information about your computer and compare it to our servers. For example, if your CPU is ten times less powerful than ours, rendering will be ten times faster at the farm. 

There are two ways in which to make the comparison. First, you can pick the model of your CPU from the list of hardware we already know the specifications of. We extended the available options, adding the latest generation of Intel and AMD processors. If your CPU is not on the list or if it is overclocked, you can use the second way: providing a Cinebench score. With this update, we expanded the supported Cinebench versions; they now include Cinebench R15, R20, R23, and 2024. Using the actual Cinebench score of your computer for calculations leads to the most accurate results.

This year, we rolled out support for GPU rendering at Megarender in Blender (Cycles & EEVEE) and 3DS MAX with V-Ray GPU. To make sure you can plan for these projects too, we added the option to calculate the cost of rendering on a GPU to the cost calculator. The principle stays the same: by comparing your GPU with ours, we can estimate how long rendering will take at our farm. You can pick the model of your graphics card from the list or use the Octanebench score, which is a preferred way. Right now, only NVidia devices are supported but we will be expanding the list in the future.

Once you put in all the needed data, you will be presented with calculations of the approximate time of rendering and the cost of your project. It varies depending on your chosen rate, as higher rates grant you more rendering nodes at an increased price. You can see how many MegaCredits (MC) it would cost and possible volume discounts if your project is large enough.

If you have any further questions about how to use the project cost calculator, check out our FAQ on calculating the Cinebench score or ask us a question directly in chat. We are ready to help 24/7.

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