New Chaos Corona 11Now at Megarender

New Chaos Corona 11Now at Megarender

Chaos has introduced the latest version of their CPU-based rendering engine, Chaos Corona 11. In addition to fixing several issues, this release introduces new maps and Chaos Scatter functions.

Procedural Tiles

With new Corona Tile Map, it’s easy to create procedural tiles and floorboards, which are essential for both interiors and exteriors. Both image files and procedural maps can be used for texturing. You can even create several unique textures from one large image or randomize several images between the tiles. Mapping Randomizer and Multi Map have been updated for compatibility with a new ‘by tile id’ option. You can have several inputs and outputs in Corona Tile Map.

Scatter Update

Chaos Scatter’s capabilities have been expanded. Now you can set a scatter altitude at which scattered objects will stop appearing, without creating additional exclusion zones with splines or maps. For example, trees will not appear on mountain peaks; instead, they will only be scattered only near the bottom of the mountain.

Another addition is Scatter Look At. This function allows to set a direction or an object which all of the scattered objects will face. This can be used for scenes where humans look at a stage, sunflowers follow the sun’s position, or a school of fish swim through the ocean.

New Tools

Version 11  includes Corona Power Tools, a set of tools to accelerate the workflow of large projects. Among these tools are Object Replacer to replace all the copies of an object with a different object; Pivot Placer to work with the pivot without opening 3DS MAX’s utility tool; Transform Randomizer to add some chaos into translations, rotations, and scale of a group of objects; Scene Cleaner to remove unneeded parts of a scene following set rules; and Selection Randomizer to select a random group of objects from a larger group.

You can see the full list of additions and fixes in the official release blog. We’ve already installed Corona 11 at Megarender, and you can render your projects in the latest Corona version on our online render farm.

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