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3D modelling is an accessible profession for anyone who has a computer or a laptop. You can easily create objects, characters, and designs, and then combine them together in complex scenes. But to create a beautiful complete image, it will have to be rendered, which requires a lot of processing power from a CPU or a GPU. If the hardware at hand doesn’t manage this well, the best choice is to use a 3D render farm like Megarender. All the software will already be installed, and you only have to upload your scene.

Currently, we support:

with more to come soon! 

Here’s how you can integrate our farm into your workflow, depending on your choice of the aforementioned software.


Autodesk 3DS MAX is a powerful and multipurpose tool; it has gained the most popularity among 3D architectural rendering firms. Dozens of plugins are developed for it: scatters, fire and liquid simulators, crowd and car traffic engines. While the built-in Mental Ray and ART can be used for building realistic images, 3DS MAX truly shines when used in tandem with modern renderers, which are always developed for it first: V-Ray, Corona Renderer, Arnold, IRay, Maxwell, Octane, F-Storm, Redshift, and many more. 

Currently the default render engine is Arnold. When you are preparing your scene to send to our farm, make sure to create it in V-Ray, Corona or Mental Ray. Set all the required settings in the F10 menu before launching the plugin: this will make sure it reads all the data correctly and imports it to the online service. Check plugins compatibility and supported software versions. Now just upload the file and start your 3D render on the farm. All 3DS MAX scenes are processed automatically, ensuring an easy workflow and fast completion.


Maxon Cinema4D is an easy to learn tool that allows users to 3D model, generate effects, animate, and render. While being praised for its beginners-friendly interface, it is still a serious software used by professionals across the world. Cinema4D is especially popular in motion design and VFX due to MoGraph, a tool to procedurally generate and animate effects and particle systems. Standard Renderer provides good results for fast visualization, and ProRender is a built-in physically correct render engine. Great results are achieved when using Cinema4D with another Maxon product: Redshift. Other than that, Cinema4D supports V-Ray, Corona, Arnold, and Octane.

If you want to render your project online, contact our support team. Send your scene through the FTP, and we will run some tests first. This way we can calculate the approximate cost and time of rendering the whole project better than our calculator can. After that the full render is launched. The results are available in the same FTP folder.


Blender has become a true phenomenon in the industry. Free, open source and highly flexible, it provides an environment for almost any task in and around 3D, including 3D rendering. Blender has specialized workspaces for modelling, sculpting, animating, UV editing and texturing, compositing and rendering itself. But you can also create your own layout by combining areas and viewports in any way you like: all of them are available at any workspace, and your setup can be saved as a new preset. By default, Blender offers two render engines, both physically based: EEVEE and cycles (technically, Workbench is the third, but it is only used for modeling and geometry preview). EEVEE is a real-time GPU engine and is great for fast, interactive previews. Cycles is a ray trace engine that can use both CPU and GPU; while slower, it provides much more accurate results.

At Megarender 3D render farm we can help you finish your Cycles project with our fleet of AMD Threadrippers 3990X. We don’t support GPU boosting, but can still guarantee good calculation times thanks to the most powerful CPUs currently in existence. The rendering is done manually by our support team. Send your files over, we will run tests and approximate the cost and time needed, and then launch the finals. If you have a big project in the works, we are ready to allocate more processing power on demand.

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