3DS MAX 2024 Available at Megarender

3DS MAX 2024 Available at Megarender

3DS MAX 2024.1 is now available for rendering at Megarender. This version can be used with V-Ray 6 and Corona 10. The major new features are described below.

Boolean is a new modifier that replaces previously available compound objects Boolean and ProBoolean. The developers recommend using the new modifier as it opens access to procedural, non-destructive workflow. As with any other modifier, Boolean can be removed, hidden, or moved up and down in the modifier stack. The combining functions remain the same: union, intersect, subtract, split, merge, attach, and insert.

The Array modifier has a new rule type - Phyllotaxis - simulating the way leaves and petals grow in nature. This mode makes it easier to create spirals and complex organic objects. Additionally, the Array modifier has options for assigning Material IDs using different rule sets and progressive transformation.

Slate Material Editor has been improved. Its foundation has been rewritten to fasten the process of creating materials. The editor’s window can now be docked at the main workspace, removing the need to constantly switch between it and the viewport. Key attributes of nodes inside the compound node can be promoted to appear at the top level for use as input or output in materials.

Other changes include the new Material Switcher, updated Motion Path, OCIO-based color management and a modifier list search filter. The full list of changes is available in the official documentation.

All the supported software, rendering engines, and plugins can be seen on the dedicated page. Start your first 3DS MAX 2024 render at Megarender now by creating an account and getting a welcome bonus. You can also get the approximate cost of rendering your future project in our project cost calculator.

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