Cinema 4D 2023: New Name, New Features

Cinema 4D 2023: New Name, New Features

MAXON released the latest version of Cinema 4D, a full-range 3D application primarily used in the motion graphics industry. The new release marks a revamp of naming conventions and changes to the licensing system. The latest version is called Cinema 4D 2023; this closely matches competitors, such as Autodesk’s 3DS MAX 2023 and Maya 2023. The newest release is now only available under a monthly subscription the way S-versions were before. Users who purchased R-versions previously will have to sign up for the subscription if they want to receive the new features.

The Unified Simulations tool has been expanded and now includes soft body simulations. This system can be used to create inflatable objects, cloth, and ropes. Soft body objects can interact with other objects in the scene and deform based on physics, which can be controlled in various settings. Simulations use GPU boosting and multithreading making it much faster than the previously used Bullet system. 

New interactive and procedural modeling tools make 3D modeling simpler than ever. ZRemesher is a new tool for normalizing existing topology by breaking existing surfaces into smaller polygons (the parameters of the new mesh can be finely tuned in the settings). Symmetry is now available inside the modeling tools and brings a new way of modeling to the familiar workflow; several symmetry axes can be used at once for objects like gears and wheels. The interaction between Cinema 4D 2023 and Adobe Illustrator has also been improved.

Other additions include Watch Folders for the Assets Browser, implementation of the OpenColorIO system for native support of the ACES pipeline, and a brand new integration with ZBrush. At Megarender online render farm, we provide manual rendering for Cinema 4D projects in Corona and V-Ray. Contact the tech support in the chat in the bottom right corner of the page to learn more.

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