Corona Renderer 6 Released

The main feature of Corona Renderer 6 is a complete revamp of Sky and Sun rendering. Now the light for sunrises and sunsets is calculated in a more realistic way when the sun is located below the horizon. New options also get rid of a green tint in daylight scenes.

The new distance map is introduced; it generates a color gradient map based on the distance of the surface point from another object.

There is also a new feature that adds dirt and scratches at the intersections between objects or creates ripple effects around stones or boats.

Texture randomizing has been improved. CoronaUVWRandomizer now supports randomized splitting, resizing, offsetting, and rotating of textures.

Corona Renderer has also adopted a couple of features from V-Ray, including Adaptive Environment Sampler. There is no more need to add light portals into the interior scenes to imitate the light coming through the windows.

New Corona Renderer 6 features are highlighted in these videos:

Corona 6 is available for rendering on Megarender cloud render farm. Start rendering now!

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