Free AI For Creating Unique Textures

Free AI For Creating Unique Textures

Poly is a new tool for creating unique, seamless textures using machine learning technologies. It is a neural network focused on creating realistic textures for further use in 3D graphics.

Poly generates four variations using the text description and reference images. You can generate as many new images as you like using the same description until you are satisfied with the result. The final texture and matching maps are then scaled to the required size.

There are two versions of Poly available: free with limitations, and a full Poly Infinity subscription for $20 a month. The free version creates textures in 2K resolution and allows downloading of Normal and Displacement maps. Poly Infinity can scale textures up to 8K and also includes access to Ambient Occlusion, Roughtness, and Metalness maps.

Textures created with the free Poly version can be used for personal and educational projects. For commercial use, a Poly Infinity subscription is required.

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