New Material Maker Released

Material Maker is a simple tool for texture generation based on Godot Engine. Materials are created as graphs, with each node creating or transforming the textures.

The majority of nodes are presented as GLSL shaders, and joining them in Material Maker will create combined shaders instead of rendering images for each node separately. Also there is an option to create new nodes by combining and grouping the already existing nodes, or by writing your own GLSL generators.

New Material Maker 0.8 now has support for distance functions, with 2D and 3D SDF inputs and outputs added to existing nodes.

New features create light resizable representations of 2D and 3D shapes, including spheres, boxes, capsules, and tori as a basis for the texture.

There is also an option to transform, extrude and rotate, and to perform logical operations with the geometry then generate the height and normal maps using 3D SDF data.

You can download Material Maker 0.8 via the following link:

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