RailClone 6 Already at Megarender

RailClone 6 Already at Megarender

IToo Software released a major update for their parametric 3D modeling tool - RailClone 6. This release focuses on updating the style library and accelerating the general workflow.

The comfort of working with the RailClone Style Editor has increased. Now, when selecting a different object, the style editor doesn’t close and remains in the same spot. Separate editor windows can be opened for each style in the scene to keep the node trees in front of you. New keyboard shortcuts and tools for adjusting the view, randomizing, and importing the node trees have been added to make the workflow faster.

IToo Software started updating the premade styles, which are available to every RailClone 6 user in the built-in assets library. Most of these styles were created years ago and became obsolete. This release updated 5 collections, and the rest will be reworked by the end of the year.

RC Slice is a new modifier that lets you cut an existing object into separate pieces for later use in RC styles. Using a single interface, RC Slice grants access to several slicing planes without having to switch between different windows or modifiers.

Finally, adding objects to the RailClone style became much easier thanks to the Import RailClone Objects from Scene function available in the right-click menu.

The full list of new features and RailClone 6 download links are available at the IToo website. We have already installed RailClone 6 at Megarender, so you can start rendering your projects on a cloud render farm right away.

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