ZBrush Released Free Version

ZBrush Released Free Version

Pixologic released a free limited version of ZBrush called ZBrushCoreMini. It provides access to basic functions for 3D sculpting:

- 8 types of brushes (instead of 36 in full version);

- a limited amount of tools for sculpting (f.e. Sculptris Pro);

- symmetrical sculpting;

- 2 basic types of mesh (sphere and stone block);

- 8 materials;

- amount of polygons capped at 750 000.

It is also possible to save the result in an image file, then open it in Zbrush and have a full 3D model available for editing. ZBrushCoreMini is available only for non-commercial use, otherwise you’ll have to purchase a full version.

To learn more about the features and download the app go to the official website: https://zbrushcore.com/mini/index.php

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