50 New 3D Animals from Google

50 New 3D Animals from Google

Google released new virtual 3D models of animals available right through the search engine. Users can interact with 50 3D models of different animals. Earlier release included cows, hippos and giraffes, but now the developers added zebras, pigs, and several breeds of cats and dogs (such as bulldogs, corgis, dachshunds, and beagles).

To interact with one of the animals, one would need a smartphone. The user should type the name of the animal in the Google or Chrome app search bar and select a special VR card in the results. “Watch in 3D” button will activate a phone camera and place the virtual animal in the real world. Users can take photos and videos of themselves with animals by their side, or interact with the model itself and see it from all the angles.

Google presents this new feature as a distraction from daily chores and a little bit of fun. In the future, they are planning to continue adding new 3D models of different animals.

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