Corona 10: Improved and Sped Up

Corona 10: Improved and Sped Up

Chaos released a new version of one of the most popular render engines for architectural visualization Corona 10. This update focused on improving existing features, although some new tools were also added. Find more info on them below.

Working with volumetrics (such as smoke, mist, water, etc.) got easier thanks to the new ability to put Corona Camera in any point of the scene, including inside the volume object. Volumes made with Phoenix, VolumeGrid, Volume materials, and imported as OpenVDB are supported. You can also assign physical dimensions to the camera to use in frames where the camera lens is only partially inside the volume, for example, when moving out of water.

Corona Decal can now be applied to a selected channel as opposed to a full material. This way, decal may only affect displacement or metalness, while diffuse and roughness remain unaffected. Most of the features are only available for Corona Physical Material, except for Opacity, Emission, and Bump.

Caustics are now brighter and more prominent on high-resolution renders. The difference is more obvious when rendering in 4K or higher. Corona clouds now correctly interact with the color of the sun, no matter its position in the sky. A daytime scene can be easily turned into nighttime by picking a darker shade for Corona Sun: there are no more problems with the color and brightness of the clouds.

Other small changes:

- new DOF Highlight Solver

- Corona Lister now includes separate categories for lights, proxies, displacement, cameras, and scatters

- Compound nodes from 3DS MAX 2024 are supported

- LightMix can be automatically created from existing layers

- UvwRandomizer was renamed to MappingRandomizer and new functions were added

- rendering using masks has been accelerated, especially in cases where only a small object relative to the full size of the image needs to be rendered

- CXR and EXR files open much faster in Corona Image Editor 10

The full list of changes is available at the official Chaos Corona website. We've already added Corona 10 to Megarender online render farm. You can receive the up-to-date information about the versions of software available from our tech support chat.

Learn about Corona 11 release here.

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