New 3ds MAX Version Available

New 3ds MAX Version Available

Autodesk released a new version of the popular 3D software 3ds MAX 2022. A lot of attention was paid to improving the existing modelling modifiers and smoothing the general workflow.

Slice modifier has received some new settings: holes of any shape can now be automatically capped with an n-gon, Radial mode can slice an object by a selected angle, the gizmo can be aligned to certain planes, and the overall speed of the tool has been improved. Symmetry modifier now supports the use of several symmetry planes at once, which means fat stacks of the same modifiers are now a thing of the past. Relax now retains the overall shape of the object and smoothes the noise and artifacts instead of critical details; this is especially useful when working with 3D scans.

Smart Extrude tool’s functionality has been improved, and it is now available in both Editable Poly and Edit Poly. When extruding inward and through, it will remove extra polygons and create a hole similar to boolean subtraction. When extruding outward, if the final shape intersects with other geometry, it stitches the elements together similar to boolean union. 

3ds MAX 2020 is already available to download through the official desktop app or on the Autodesk website. See the full description of the new features here. You can start you free render farm trial with Megarender after completing the registration.

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