New Forest Pack Update: Version 8

IToo Software announced the release of Forest Pack 8, one of the most powerful plugins for 3DS MAX. It provides a system for scattering a large number of objects through the scene using interface controls or special script language. This follows the RailClone 5 release earlier this year.

Forest Pack 8 adds a new helper object called ForestSet. This plugin acts as a container for your objects, which can later be used as surfaces for scattering or as objects to scatter. This makes it easier to share the same objects between different scatters and add and remove groups of items in a single click. Each set can contain objects of different types, and only relevant ones will be used in each situation. For example, if you have a ForestSet with a tree, a spline, and a surface, you can choose it as a scatter area, and only a tree and a surface will be used. A ForestSet can also be put inside a different ForestSet.

Linked Areas and Surfaces allow you to pick an area/surface of another Forest object and inherit its parameters. This way, you don’t have to set up major properties for every new Forest area while still having local parameters to tweak separately. The Add Linked Area icon is located where the Add Multiple icon was previously. However, the latter function is still available by clicking the Add Area icon with pressed SHIFT. 

Other additions include:

  • Children can now be included in added geometry by using the “Include Children” option. The hierarchy of parent and child objects stays the same.
  • UV Surface mode now supports Areas. All such areas must be projected in one of the basic axes (XYZ).
  • A randomization option was added to the Distribution by Path tool to allow for a more natural position of objects following a spline.
  • Errors can now be identified by the color of the Forest Pack object icon. Major error changes the icon to red, missing or hidden items turn it yellow, and disabled or new Forest Pack objects are orange.
  • Multiple improvements were made to the Forest Effects tool, such as a new Spline parameter, spline checking options, and ways to filter effects by geometry model.

Forest Pack 8 is available at our 3DS MAX render farm to use with V-Ray and Corona. You can start your first render at Megarender for free by signing up using a button in the top right corner of the page. We are available 24/7 and ready to answer any questions in the support chat. 

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