TyFlow Full Release

TyFlow Full Release

BETA testing on tyFlow has finally finished and a full version has been released - tyFlow 1.0. Now it provides a commercial license tyFlow PRO which costs $450 with no time limit. Those who can’t afford the license can use tyFlow FREE, which offers the same functions only without multi-threading and tyCache export. All the previous BETA versions are still available; however, they will no longer be updated for new 3DS MAX releases after 2022.

Initially, tyFlow was meant as a modern alternative to the 3DS MAX Particle Flow tool, which has not been updated for a decade. tyFlow allows creating, editing, and importing particle systems for all situations, from parametric modeling to liquids simulation. Both PRO and FREE versions include all the tools simulating wind and sand, fabric stretching and tearing, destroying solid objects, weaving, tying knots, and crowd behavior.

tyFlow is compatible with popular plugins for physically-correct modelings, such as FumeFX and Phoenix FD, and tools for creating and animating hair like Ornatrix. Effects created there can be used by tyFlow as sources for new particles, collision objects, interaction forces, etc. Additionally, tyFlow adds new modifiers to 3DS MAX to make working with particles easier and improve existing tools. Version 1.0 adds two new modifiers: tySelect lets you parametrically  select vertices in the viewport, and tyFlex is an upgraded version of the native Flex modifier.

Learn more about the new tyFlow at the official website. Effects and simulations created in tyFlow can be saved as cache files and moved between objects and projects. Our Megarender plugin automatically finds such caches to guarantee your scene renders correctly on the render farm. If you have questions about using tyFlow on Megarender, ask them in the support chat. We are online 24/7!

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