We Now Support Forest Pack 7

We Now Support Forest Pack 7

We have updated Forest Pack on all our computers to the 7.1.1 version. You can now render scenes created with any version of the plugin.

Forest Pack 7 added the long awaited feature of scattering lights. You can easily create garlands, rows of spotlights, and fill your scenes with all kinds of light sources. Forest Pack 7 supports groups, so you can add whole lamps and lanterns, and place them in the garden or around the stadium. 

Another useful new feature is the ability to ColorCorrect the whole scatter instead of bothering with complex Multi Sub object materials. And as with any other update, there are more objects in the built-in libraries.

Start rendering with Megarender now with these 10 simple steps - https://megarender.com/help-center/quick-start/

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