3DS MAX 2023: New And Improved

Autodesk released the latest version of their 3D powerhouse - 3DS MAX 2023. This version introduces long-awaited bug fixes and several new tools tailored for fast modeling workflows.


First introduced in 3DS MAX 2022, Retopology Tools received a new update. Main improvements were made to the optimization. Working with high-poly objects is now much faster, as the stability of handling complicated meshes has been increased. At the same time, retopology saves as many details of the original mesh as possible.

Add the Remesh step as a part of your retopology workflow to increase the speed and accuracy of the process. With this pre-processing, you can achieve a much better retopology result without using other tools (such as Pro-Optimize). The Error messages were also streamlined, and it is easier to figure out what should be fixed for the tools to work correctly.

Snap Working Pivot

3DS MAX 2023 introduces Snap Working Pivot, an exciting feature that brings flexibility into the modeling workflow. It is available from Tools -> Snap Working Pivot Tools, and each function can be bound to a key combination.

Now it is possible to change the pivot of the current element and place it at any vertex, edge or polygon center, and then align it using these points. It’s also easy to create a pivot helper object at the point of your current working pivot to use with other objects in the scene. The Create Grid option lets you superimpose a grid aligned to your current working pivot, adjust its size, and then use it to snap and align your working pivot or to create a new topology.

See the full list of new features and bug fixes in the release notes. Once all the essential plugins are released, and we’ve run all the proper tests, we will add rendering 3DS MAX 2023 to the Megarender cloud render farm. Stay tuned!

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