Chaos Corona 8: New Tools For Improved Pipeline

Chaos Corona 8: New Tools For Improved Pipeline

Chaos has released the latest version of their CPU-based renderer Corona 8. This release introduces new workflow improving features and integrates Corona further into the Chaos product family. Here are some of the presented tools:

  1. Chaos Scatter has replaced Corona Scatter. It offers many more adjustment options, such as exclusion via Spline, and works the same between Corona and V-Ray. With Chaos Cosmos library now working with Corona, it is easier to create and render big landscape scenes in just a few minutes.
  2. Corona Decal allows you to put finer details on existing materials. Corona Decal is projected on the surface like a sticker, can be stacked, mixed with the underlying material, and moved manually across the surface. It is the best way to add text, cracks, scratches, and small details to existing fully textured materials without creating new maps.
  3. Corona Slicer adds a non-destructive slicing tool to the pipeline. Corona Slicer makes it easy to cut off the outer layer of an object to show its insides, cap the holes with any material you need, and animate the whole process. Corona Slicer works with Chaos Scatter too!
  4. Curvature Map simplifies applying different materials to the object depending on how convex or concave its surface is. Previously such effects could be simulated with Corona AO, but Curvature Map gives a much more accurate result and adds fine control to the colors and materials used with it.
  5. Corona Cryptomatte is a new render element that brings cryptomatte support for further use in post-processing and compositing. The element is called CSMasking_Cryptomatte and should be saved in .CXR format to access all the offered information.

You can find a complete list of new features on the official website. Corona 8 at the Megarender render farm is already available and so is 3DS MAX 2023 and V-Ray 6.

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