V-Ray 6 Release: Easier To Use And More Realistic

V-Ray 6 Release: Easier To Use And More Realistic

Chaos released the new version of their top 3D rendering engine - V-Ray 6. This update brings new tools for exterior visualization, like Chaos Scatter and procedural clouds, and some quality of life improvements to the existing tools, including faster SSS processing and UI load times.

Chaos Scatter, previously introduced in Corona 8, is one of the most powerful scattering tools on the market, and an alternative to ForestPack. With free Chaos Cosmos assets, creating scenic landscapes becomes a task of several minutes instead of hours. To make any landscape truly breathtaking, you can now use procedural clouds available in VRaySun. Procedurally generated, their density, spread, and height can be adjusted, and they will affect the way the sun lights the whole scene.

V-Ray Enmesh is a new way of creating tiling geometry and render time without raising the vertex count. The modifier takes existing geometry and coats the surface of other objects with it following the UVW maps. You can change the placement of the geometry with a gizmo or with parameters in the V-Ray Enmesh rollout.

Improvements have been made to V-Ray materials and textures. Metals and rough reflective surfaces now use a special energy preservation method during rendering. Subsurface scattering has been overhauled and now renders much faster; low-poly objects with SSS also appear much smoother. A long awaited Thin Film in VRayMtl option makes soap bubbles, glass screens, and car paint physically correct and renders them even more realistically.

One of the quality of life improvements is the addition of a panorama viewer to the V-Ray Frame buffer. It allows previewing of spherical panoramas in VFB during rendering with no need to launch additional software.

A full list of new features is available on the official website. V-Ray 6 is already available on Megarender V-Ray render farm together with 3DS MAX 2023 and new Corona 8. Use our Megaplugin to correctly gather your scene and upload it to the farm.

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